Piper Cams (photo for illustration purposes only)

Special new camshafts for K series
With our developement partners Piper cams we have designed what we know are the ultimate fast road cams for the 4 cylinder K series these are known as the 160+ profile and are suitable for all 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8 16 valve Kseries engines, they are designed to be used with standard hydraulic tappets and standard valve springs, typical power gains we have seen on the 1.4 are 14bhp, the 1.6 18bhp and on the 1.8 a whopping 22bhp increase! you will need one vernier cam wheel to set exhaust cam timing, this is included in the kit at an all inclusive price of 475 (we will also supply and fit the rotor arm drive if required at no extra cost-you won't get that elsewhere!)