Follow the rebuild in the pictures below

Into the workshop on day one

The big strip down begins

We are waiting to see the condition of the chassis as more parts are removed

Gallons of paint stripper being used to remove the rollered on paint.

After a couple of layers were removed we revealed this interesting stripes and arrow design!

Bodyshell was sanded down to bare metal and then a light coat of primer applied to stop rust happening

We were delighted by the structural condition of our Minor

New sills had recently been fitted and the floors were good, a few minor repairs required such as this hole in the boot floor

The good news was the sills had recently been replaced

The bad news was that the front chassis legs had rusted badly from the inside out...

The whole front suspension needs to be well supported so we have decided to go right over the top and insert this 60mm box tube up the legs this will give it immense strength

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