Firstly on the Rover turbo cars look at how the breather system works, oil vapour is sucked from the cam cover under extreme vaccuum into the turbo inlet pipe, quite often when the engine is working hard there is a lot of oil dragged in and recirculated as well, hence the oil in the intercooler and hoses and smoke on acceleration.
You need the vaccuum to keep the crankcase vented so the pipe work must be intact but with this breather catch tank the oil droplets fall to the bottom of the tank not even reaching the engine, thus cleaner air is sucked back in and re-circulated.
The tank is solid aluminium, highly polished with a billet alloy cap, it has a brass emptying plug at the base and a sight glass on the side, we also supply it with red silicon hose with clips and a mounting bracket.
Secondly on the KV6 engine as found in the ZS180 / ZT 190 the main reason for a drop off in performance is the VIS valve on the inlet manifold failing due to oil contamination from the breather system, re-route the breather through this tank- no oil contamination-thus problem solved.